Business Setup Checklist

It is a known fact that Dubai is fast growing into one of the most versatile and opportunity filled region. After conquering the regional market with its excellent and flourishing tourism industry, it is gearing up to become a thriving business hub as well. The systematic establishment of freezones across the city are a testimony to this fact. Things are only going to improve further for entrepreneurs in years to come which is why a large majority of both fresh and experienced businesspersons are willing to enter Dubai. However, there are things you need to pay attention to prior to knowing more about starting business in Dubai. For instance, first of all you should do some homework to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Once you are in the city, it is time to start exploring different areas. Also, you need to decide whether to do business in the freezone or the mainland. Essentially, Dubai is divided in two business zones which is why you need to know as much about the pros and cons of operating from both zones as possible. Here is more on fundamentals you should know before thinking about starting your business in Dubai:


There is no denying that freezones are getting a lot of attention lately and there are reasons for it. A freezone is essentially a specially made business zone designed to attract foreign investment and promote Dubai as a vibrant, happening hub of business. These exclusively made business zones contain every facility you can imagine. From furnished and well equipped offices to least possible rent, you have them all available in the zone. Some freezones are designed to accommodate specific types of businesses. For instance, Dubai Silicon Oasis is considered by many to be the hub of information technology related businesses and is likely to serve as the IT mainstay in the region. Due to the facilities offered and room for upgrades, some call it the Silicon Valley of Asia. Jabel Ali free zone, as the name suggests, is predominantly meant to facilitate port and shipping industry. You will find some of the top shipping companies operating in this freezone. These and many other top of the line companies have made Dubai freezones their home. Chances are that the trend will only expand in years to come which is why it is pertinent for you to start thinking about opening an office here in Dubai.