Top 5 fire extinguishers

There are many companies that manufacture fire extinguishers, but the top five fire extinguishers are mentioned here:

First Alert 1038789 Fire Extinguisher: If there are children at your home then First Alert 1038789 Fire Extinguisher is made for you to buy. The extinguisher has a metal pull pin and gauge to prevent accidents and danger. Besides, it can be recharged to use it twice, thrice or multiple times. First Alert can extinguish fires that are caused by paper, wood, electrical appliances, plastics, and flammable gases.

First Alert FE2A10GR Fire Extinguisher: FE2A10GR is the cheapest fire extinguisher to buy as it gives you 12 years of warranty.  The extinguisher has mounting bracket and facility of recharging it that can keep it out of reach of children and help you to use it multiple times. First Alert FE2A10GR can extinguish plastic, gas and oil-caused fires. They are designed on the UL- rated designs and can be used in large spaces. 

First Alert REC5 Fire Extinguisher: REC5 has sodium bicarbonate to extinguish fires that are caused by electrical appliances, metals, and flammable liquids. It has metal pin, mounting brackets and straps to keep it secure and out of reach for and from children and pets. The extinguisher is designed in such a way that it resists corrosion and rust for a long time. You can recharge REC5 to use it more than one time. 

Amerex Fire Extinguisher: 5-lb-weighed Amerex fire extinguisher discharge content to extinguish the fire within 14 seconds. It can fight against Class B and Class C fires. Class B and C include the fires that are caused by flammable liquids and gases. Besides, it can extinguish electrical fires or the fires that are caused by electrical appliances and metals. They have wall brackets to assist people to keep them at their homes safely. They are made of the metal body; therefore, it is heavy but the toughest to fight against the fire. 

Kidde 466180 Fire Extinguisher: Kidde is a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher that has 5 lbs of gas to dispel the oxygen from the fire to halt it. Yet, the use of extinguisher can result in bad odor at your place but it would not harm your valuable items. Kidde can extinguish Class B, Class C, and electrical fires. The companies sell it with a warranty of five years.

So, these are the top extinguishers. You can buy any of them and keep your place safe. Many extinguishers come with FM 200 fire suppression systems and the latest technologies!

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