How did tractors change farming methods?

Life is always changing and for some it is good but for some it is bad because it all depends on the circumstances. Didn’t get it! Don’t worry, we got your back and we are explaining this with an example, let us say that you are going a road trip with your friends and your tyre got punctured, sounds bad right, and after some hours, you hear that there was an avalanche some miles ahead, now you will be thanking that the tyre got punctured. And if we look again to this example with a different scene that you are about to have an interview in 2 hours and you have a punctured tyre and the tyre shop is a mile away, now that is a thing that people would not say that it is good but there are some extreme positive people who will say that whatever happens, happens for good but we cannot question the person sadness, who needs a job. So, the point is that life is changing at every minute and second and we don’t know what is the box for us. If the history didn’t change, then we would not have been here, and the history has changed due to the smallest of things and talking about the giants of the world in the terms of countries, then United States have changed their history a lot and the weirdest and most different thing that changed their history is farming. You must be thinking that we are kidding and that is why we came up with legit happenings that happened due to the MF 399 tractor and massey ferguson MF 290, and read more below;

  1. The early people were getting short of animals when the population grew and that is why someone came up with the idea of a tractor. The first tractor to enter the United States was in 1903 and it was huge and heavy machine. More than 20 people had to move it to a farm and it required a lot of coal because it operated on steam. The front of the tractor looked like the front operation block of the train. And that is how people started to have more and more dairy and farm supplies in their stores which means if there were no tractors, many of the food chains would not have existed.